You open a company, go through all the fiscal, bureaucratic and structural barriers, create a customer service system and are faced with the reality that few businesses manage to escape: the lack of customer flow.

The market has undergone many transformations since the advent of the internet and today it is practically impossible to escape the network, where the main flow of consumers comes from.

Imagine that, just like you, your audience will probably search the internet about prices, product and brand reviews, and options; if you’re not there, you probably won’t even be on your potential consumer’s shopping list. To make it clearer, our team listed five reasons to invest in a website today!

1- Be seen. Being on the internet is the first step to enter the dispute for new customers. Thousands of other companies are already on the internet and, if you don’t have a website, you end up being left out of this great virtual showcase of great reach.

2- Establish relationships. Once your company has a website, it becomes easier to strengthen relationships between you and your audience. In addition to building a solid base of contacts for potential activation, you’ll be able to give feedback and directly communicate news.

3- Be found. When someone searches for a product, they will certainly Google it. Of course, just having a website will not put you among the first results of the search engine – it takes a professional and complex job that you can quote by clicking here – but being online is the first step to appear in the search results.

4- Know your customers. Your customers will reach out to you on a variety of platforms, and you’ll need to be present on most of them. Social networks are the main source of customer-company contacts, but only a website will allow you to create a solid base with information about your customers, separating your audience into groups – this makes a lot of difference when creating segmented campaigns.

5-Have credibility. This is perhaps the least of the advantages of having a website, but it also ends up being one of the main ways to position yourself in the market as a serious company. Having a website promotes credibility and its quality directly reflects your brand’s personality and strength.

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