Does advertising have space in streaming?

With the vertiginous growth of the streaming market, series, videos, films and TV shows and podcasts over the internet, it is natural for the market to also capitalize on this new media, which has been drawing attention even from segments such as television and radio.

In this context of expansion of online simultaneous transmission platforms and implementation of more advanced connections to the internet, we have a new question: how can advertising take advantage of this new scenario?

We have listed some of the main ways to enable media on streaming platforms like Netflix and Spotify. Check out:

1- Insertions

Already traditional of the free version of Spotify, this is not yet a reality on Netflix; the insertion model can be the best cost-benefit, since it improves the price of the service for the consumer, expands the programmer's margin and brings a possibility of impacting the brand public. In streaming, however, this type of advertising could be targeted, appearing only to a very specific target public - this already happens quite efficiently on YouTube, Google's video platform that integrates the advertising services of the largest media company on the planet .

2- Sponsored broadcasts

Yes, pages on Facebook or Instagram can host streaming and this tool has been increasingly used to promote a new modality of digital marketing: lives. With them, the brand manages to promote live campaigns within social networks and, although the production of this type of content is more complex, it has served as bait for the campaigns of large companies.

3- Geographical targeting

The evolution of landing pages are the CG’s (character generator) clickable throughout the content. This modality is very functional on YouTube, a pioneer, but it is already studied by platforms of other streaming services. The advantage is that it is less invasive, promoting the message without blocking the view of the content.

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Three tips to improve lead capture

In the century THAT information is worth money, having your public's data MAY MEAN expressive results for your business. The lead, for marketing, is the list of contacts of your potential customers, with DUE authorization, which EASES the IMPLEMENTATION of successful promotions between your company and the consumer.


However, it is not easy to capture leads legally, because the practice is controversial and often involves consumer privacy. To help improve your potential customers' lead capture, we have LISTED strategies that will improve results and increase your database of potential customers. Check IT out:

1- Discounts

The easiest - and most common - strategy to improve lead capture is to make discount VOUCHERS available to those who register in your database. This is very traditional in retail and can be applied with a banner on your website; once with the lead, you can forward the VOUCHERS to the database and guarantee sales.


2- Content

PEOPLE of the information century like to consume content and, therefore, they will easily give their email in exchange for a “free” e-book. This strategy is common for service providers and can leverage a business because, in addition to promoting the company's approach, you can attract the public for the content and hook for the price. It is an exchange relationship, but with countless advantages for your brand. You can create a landing page with a form that requests the email in exchange for the e-book.

Extra tip: the e-book can have a simple theme, easy to understand, such as “5 steps to live better”.

3- Respectfulness

Respecting your audience involves, above all, the need to preserve the individuality and privacy of those you intend to retain. So, think about establishing clear boundaries between your lead capture system and the option of not subscribing to your list; in short: give benefits to customers who choose to leave the email, but do not remove any of those who choose not to subscribe. So you guarantee A good s ervice to customers who are receiving your emails and to those who have chosen not to receive them as well.

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Tips to stay on top on social media.

How about starting the implementation of new practices on your brand's social networks? If you already follow our publications, you must have read and implemented the tips from our last post - if you haven't, click here before YOU CONTINUE.

Now that you’ve checked out these tips, we’ve put together a few suggestions to keep your communication work level on social media level ???. Check out some of our most functional proposals for social media:

1- Frequency

HAVING a beautiful and attractive profile IS NOT ENOUGH, it is ALSO NEEDED TO keep the frequency of publications on social networks. Thus, your public will also create a routine OF viewing your page, creating more engagement and increasing your chances of loyalty.

2- Agility

Nobody likes to wait and if one of the CORNERSTONES of social media is the speed with which communication is established, it is essential that you KEEP INFORMED ABOUT THE comments and messages sent by your public. Thus, you gain credibility and do not lose any possibility of conversion.

3- Invest

IF THERE’S A THING INTERNET DOESN’T NEED ANYMORE, IT IS people selling magic formulas to grow organically on social networks. What they don't tell you is that this is an almost impossible task; think that Facebook’s source of revenue is advertising, and if you grow up without paying for it, it won’t earn anything. Start by investing little, enough to reach your public. After that it will be possible to keep these people close by with the content strategies that we have already covered in our blog.

4- Follow your competitors

If you don't look at what your competitors are doing, don't expect to outperform them at some point. It is essential to follow the steps of the brands that compete with you on the web. Note that the tip is not to "copy" your competitor, but to use THEIR HITS AND MISSES as a field experience, creating new ideas from what has already been tested.

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